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Get Konnected – Boost your business

Experts in hospitality and retail Point of Sale (POS) that streamline and connect your systems; prevent problems, increase effectiveness, reduce errors, and identify and eliminate unnessesary costs.

From Monitored to Organzied

Use our technology to prevent problems before they occur, rather than just monitor and report too late. Add live status checks into your processes and automate responsive flowcharts to keep everything and everyone informed.

Integrated Systems

Integrated, partial or complete systems. All the pieces – konnected!
IoT systems, EPOS, Loyalty, Music, Digital Signage/Menus, Site Automation, Kitchen Management, Online presence and ordering, EPOS and Accounts.

It just works together

Having disjoint systems causes hassle, customer confusion and many unnessesary and hidden costs. Our technology integrates all your systems and fills in the missing gaps to increase efficiency and in turn reduce errors, time, waste, and costs; leading to high customer satisfaction levels.

Brick-and-Mortar – Physical Locations

Full instore systems and integration on the high street for Hospitality and Retail, connecting everything in the front of house to everything in the the back of house and beyond. Work with your customers from the moment they arrive outside your location. Digital Content and interactive Signage, WiFi guest portals, Point of Sale upsels, stock management, through to full pizza make lines, live spec books, kitchen and ingredient management for Hospitality.

Digital – Online

Anything from building and managing your website and installing your online basket / ordering system, to store stock control, fullfilment and delivery; we unite your systems. This ensures a holistic view covering customer experience, comuniucations and management through to profit and loss anaysis.

We are driven by our core values

Our core values are:
Customer satisfaction – We are happy only when you are happy
Big picture view – Everything must work together
Correct Solution – We look into the real issues
Long term – We update as needed to keep things relivant

Featured Work


“A very responsive and helpful company. They worked with us to help get everything installed and working quickly. They took the time to explain how things fitted together and worked. Once installed they kept in touch to ensure that any minor configuration changes were identified and implemented quickly. Great service and definitely will recommend.”


“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least try to do something remarkable? Given the complete picture for Hospitality has changed so much due to the Pandemic, Konnected-Technology allows me to do so much more to manage my restaurant, time, costs and staff. The music and lighting control is a real WOW!”


“I thought an EPOS just managed orders:- But there was so much more this system does to help my staff, my restaurant and accounts get things right. Its given me me an hour every day of my life back”


Let’s work together on your technology

You worry about your core products, let us sort out the Technology to make things work properly.
Everythings better – Konnected