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Hospitality – Restaurants

The requirements of Hospitality stores are very different to retail. The customer experience starts with the website gallery giving a good gallery and impression of the restaurant, then allowing fully automated live table bookings. Where we excel is ensuring that the bookings made – spread the covers arriving – which ensures no bottleneck with front of house staff or kitchen at peek times. We allow store managers to easily see how to layout the tables for any given period with party bookings, along with reminders to the customer to reduce no-shows. When this is “Konnected” to our online ordering, table pre-orders for bookings are now realy easy, elimiating those Christmas Party booking nightmares.

Electronic Menus

Due to recent law changes, your waiters need access to full allergy information on all dishes, customers need access to callorie and nutrition information, and live stock alerts are a must. Even takeway customers expect Kiosks with full product pictures for every dish. This is impossible with traditional order taking methods on paper pads. Electronic menus of various formats are the new normal, and no matter how the order is placed (customer smartphone, waiter, Kiosk, EPOS etc) – they all need to feed properly into the kicthen. Disparate ordering systems just dont work – everything needs to be “Konnected”

At Table / QR

Users scan a QR code at the table to get the full menu on their own phone/tablet, product descriptions, allergen information, nutrition etc to give them a much better (self) ordering experience. Our systems will manage upsells and special offers, as well as notify the consumer about how long the order will take and progress in the kitchen (when “Konnected” to our Kitchen Management systems).