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About Us

At Konnected Technology Ltd: We have 15 years experience in retail and hospitality. We whitebrand solutions through a number of partners, integrating and filling in the gaps in partner systems, to extend our partners offering under their own brand. Our solutions covering everything from Point of Sale (EPOS) systems though to online and web ordering (Ecommerce for both retail and hospitality), online apps, in store WiFi, fully integrated Loyalty, Digital Signage, Kitchen Management, Ingredient Management and Stock Control. Recent additions include IoT device integration (lights, switches, dishwashers Etc.) along with full instore multi zoned music management which can all be managed from the central EPOS or management system or even integrated into our automation workflows. We ensure “everything is Kconnected” so it all just works together and can customise the flow for you as needed. Where we stand out is “ensuring” everything works together. Our designers manage website and branding requirements, while our technitians handle WiFi and store installations.

We are driven by values

Out phiosophy is to understand the customers needs and wants, and to ensure that the solution put in place works for them both now and moving into the future..

Online – Digtal

Online systems covering 3rd party orders, apps, websites, ecomerce, and loyality points management.

Bricks and Mortor – Stores

Full instore systems and integration on the high street for Hospitality and Retail

End customer focused

Never underestimate the need for a properly joined up and consistant end customer experience.

Matthew Edwards

Chief Technology Officer

George Williams


Neeru Mondal

API integrations and testing