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What is the Progressive Web App (PWA) and how it works?


It’s been years since the smartphones were invented. With them came a swarm of native apps. Apps continue to play a massive role in our daily life, and many business owners have asked themselves multiple times: should we have an app? Of course, the only answer to that is — it depends. Building and maintaining a native app is cumbersome and often quite expensive. The prices of apps on the major app stores were all once free, but now has lots of legal requirements with considerable effort and costs to maintain.

A PWA is an app built from the web technologies we all know and love (Internally using systems like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), but with a feel and functionality that rivals an actual native app. Thanks to a couple of smart additions, we can turn almost any of our responsive websites into a progressive web app. This means that you can embed the mobile version of your website into an on device app, without the effort and costs now associated with Market Store apps.


Use out online ordering/store and websites, and ask about PWA options. Users on visiting your website can be offered to install the app onto their mobile devices without the need, legal overheads and costs of the major the app stores.

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